Stephan Whittle

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Stephan Whittle

About the Artist

“The transcendent, spiritual dimension of ‘vision’ allows me to interpret what I see on a feeling level. Many of my pieces begin as simple rhythmic shapes, moving to achieve a kind of fluid harmony. Then I begin to bend the natural world around this design. Color plays a crucial part, as if adding music to a world that was so far silent. Altogether I seek to create both a feast for the senses and an image that will resonate somewhere deep within the soul.”

Stephan Whittle was born and educated in the United Kingdom where he first established an internationally known etching studio creating highly intricate pastoral landscape scenes of the countryside and florals. He later transferred his studio to the United States. Moving between mediums, scales and subject matter, his work evolved to include more abstract, lyrical paintings which combine vivid colors with mystical figures and themes. The selection of his work available here draws from these paintings which were created in his studio in Northern California.

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Location: Fairfield, Iowa