Shirley Van Hooser

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Shirley Van Hooser

About the Artist

Shirley loved life. She was a doting wife, a hands-on grandmother, an excellent cook, an active golfer, a part-time (and sometimes full-time) home remodeler, a world traveler, a keen sailor, and in her free avid painter/artist. From painting real life landscapes to recreating a photo from one of her adventures, Shirley had a love of artful expression. She often took time to paint or scour beaches to find bits of the sea to bring home. Blaine and Shirley proudly displayed her pieces. The interior of their house became a gallery of intricate assemblages of shells, sea glass, and coral. Their entire home, a weaving of art, exploration, and documented travels with tales to match the wonders on the walls, was (and is) a welcoming place.

It was with this view, the world was their oyster, that they wandered the waters together to shape new adventures and Shirley was adamant to form artwork to reflect their journeys.

Shirley loved life...and she loved to create within it.