Rosemary Lucente

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Rosemary Lucente

About the Artist

What a joy to paint scenes inspired by my photographs over 42 years! Places I’ve lived, places I’ve traveled. Painting them enlivens in me a silent impulse to intuitively express that joy from a deep level of feeling. It’s like being there again. My intention is to capture that same light and energy and to enliven those same feelings from these paintings again and again.

These works display my love for the ocean, the mountains, for animals, and scenes of times and places past. Some express my fondness for the simple beauty found in scenes of the heartland and the small town that I now live.

My wish is that you will experience the same energy and joy from these paintings when you view them from a favorite place in your home or near your favorite window.

*In addition to painting, Rosemary had the unique privilege of having crafted ancient forms of pottery and basket weaving under the tutelage of Santa Fe Native American artists. She also enjoys photography, classical piano, and writing poems, essays, and narratives on short subjects. Rosemary grew up on a barrier island in southern New Jersey. She now lives in Iowa and makes yearly trips to some ocean somewhere.