Rhea Saint

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Rhea Saint

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I love this earth and all of nature, and I like photographing it. I enjoy flowers in particular because of their beauty, subtlety, and vibrant colors. My photos are reminders to me of my experiences in nature and so I always paint from my own photos. I strive to recreate not just a photo or a pretty flower but something more than that. In a painting, I strive to express the wholeness of my experience in nature.

I love color, design, and arranging shapes and forms so they not only look good but feel good. I want to create a wholeness which is harmonious and unified. I want to do more than just paint a painting. I want to express the beauty and silence that can be found in nature. I want to create a visual opportunity for the viewer to transcend and experience deeper levels of nature and creation, and ultimately the source of all creation.

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico