Patty Miller Hancock

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Patty Miller Hancock

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I grew up in an old stone house in West Redding, Connecticut, and moved to rural Iowa. Exactly the same colors I see while walking in the woods and on trails, are in the natural oxides I use to create my natural oxide paintings on clay. Red oxide, raw sienna, burnt umber, rutile, chromium green, cobalt blue, yellow ochre...

My circular oxide paintings are painted on hand-built slabs of clay. I fire and re-fire many times, layering oxides, opaque and transparent glazes. After a resolution, I locate an image within the image. Worlds within worlds. This image becomes a 2-d magnification. Greater detail of color, line, and shape are visible in the enlargement.

Teaching private art classes to ages 2 - 92 for over 25 years prompted an enthusiasm for exploring the reaches of my materials. I love combining technical knowledge with being surprised. I love visually defining fleeting moments of time, place, and inner space.

Selected by Art Business News as a Top 50 Emerging Artist for 2012.

I individually hand-sign each art work.

Please email me directly to order individually enhanced, hand-signed paper prints or canvas.

Location: USA