Michael Moore

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Michael Moore

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As a qualified engineer I always had an eye for the beauty in the drawn line, this along with a lifelong interest in art has led to where I am today. Although I have always painted it is only in the last three years that I have had the opportunity to devote all my time to it.

Following a long career in engineering I set my own graphic design company up ten years ago, having qualified some 18 years ago. I have now closed that side of the business and all my time is focused on painting.

As a totally self-taught artist I have tried all mediums at one time or another, I returned to my favourite medium of oils, but I have a strong liking for pastels which are ideal for wildlife subjects and pet portrait commissions. Having studied many of the wildlife masters such as Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders and Christophe Drochon and seen the amazing works produced in acrylics , I undertook with a strong determination to master acrylics and now I paint many of my wildlife portraits in acrylics.

I enjoy graphite pencil drawing which is suitable for all subject matter and I find helps you hone you skills for detail which is very important in wildlife painting.
I am a member of MIWAS (Marwell International Wildlife Art Society) and TWASI (The Wildlife Art Society International). And exhibit at their annual exhibitions.

As a keen photographer I try to visit as many suitable locations as possible to build up my library of photos, I hope to make that all important African Safari soon. I was fortunate to visit Alaska the year before last and I am still working on ideas for paintings based on that trip.

I paint in both Oil and acrylics and mainly wildlife although I am now also producing works in the style of deceased artists of the 19th century. I now have a dedicated studio which makes life a lot easier.
Painting occupies all my time and there is nothing so satisfying as achieving a successful painting.

Location: England