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Danielle Shier

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Danielle Shier has been an artist for over 30 years, working with colored pencils, oils, stained glass and pastels.

Born in Quebec, Canada, Danielle moved to the Midwest in the late 1980’s and was first recognized by Angel Graphics for her colored pencil work where her prints sold nationwide. Following her success with Angel Graphics, Danielle worked as a stained glass artist for Bovard Studio painting figures, biblical scenes and landscapes for five years. She studied pastels after leaving Bovard’s and became known for her ability to render the poetry of nature’s forms in the hills, rivers and woods of the surrounding Iowa landscape. Her goal is to capture the ambiance of place through her internal imagery, be it dramatic clouds and moody Iowa weather or the mysterious sunsets and steep valleys of Maui, where she visits her son and paints.

Danielle is best known for her poetic and award winning pastel landscapes. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout Iowa, and is exhibited in both public and private collections. She is represented by the Iowa Artisans Gallery in Iowa City, Catiri Art Oasis in Amana and the Teeple Hansen Gallery in Fairfield.