Christopher Kufner

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Christopher Kufner

About the Artist

My paintings are recording my personal spiritual journey, meditative expressions of my gratitude for the life around me. They are intended to bring the viewer transcendent beauty in the present moment. Just as you would relax in an armchair at the end of the day, pausing to experience a moment of peace and contentment in a chaotic world.

What appear to be idealized landscapes are real places, and in that way are more universally pleasing to the eye and the soul.

There are elements in my work that hint at the influence of the French Impressionists, reminding us that we are all building on the art language of those artist who have proceeded us on this Earth.

I enjoy working in different painting styles. I love working symbolism in with the traditional themes and I enjoy the visual tactile nature of layers of paint. I use bold and bright colors in a playful, spontaneous way, and also in a purposeful calculated process. Anything that is pleasing to the mind, heals the mind. My hope is to conjure healing moments in time that nurtures the soul.

- Christopher Kufner

Location: Fairfield, IA