Blossoming Stillness by Ruth Moses

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Blossoming Stillness by Ruth Moses

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I grew up in an extraordinarily creative environment and began painting when I was around four years old. My father and mother both studied at the Art Student’s League in New York, and they encouraged me at every step of my education, which began with their instruction and guidance.

I recall that from my earliest years I entered into the profession of making and selling art. I became familiar with all mediums, and accompanied my parents to art fairs throughout Connecticut and Cape Cod, where they had secured gallery representation in Orleans, Wellfleet and North Truro.

I attended art school at the University of Hartford, majoring in Painting and Sculpture and studying under Paul Zimmerman and Wolfgang Behl. I then attended the Heatherley School of Fine Arts in London, studying under L. Cubitt Beavis (Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors) before spending several years touring European museums and major exhibits, continuing my sketching and painting.

While in the Côte d’Azur of southern France, I became enchanted by expansive, richly colored fields and luminous waters sparkling in the Mediterranean sun. In my paintings of flowers and tropical locales, which date back to my early days on Cape Cod, I feel that years of classical training expand to fullness in a maze of sunlight, forming a rich tapestry that embraces all that has been admired and loved in art over the centuries.

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