Attila Molnar

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Attila Molnar

About the Artist

I would like to paint like birds sing”
(Claude Monet)

The great French impressionist painter’s words ring to my ears whenever I take my paintbrush in my hand.

To experience the rest of nature, to feel its ancient power, to see and make people see beauty in all, -it can be a tiny leaf of grass or the sight of a roaring volcano.

My journeys extended my topics with the beauty of the Mediterranean world.

I am interested in the colorful bustle of Venice, the enchanting memories of Egypt, Morocco, Italy and Turkey, the rocky coasts of Greece, Portugal and France…. and the people who live there.

My experiences about these countries have been shown to visitors at more than 50 national exhibitions.

My paintings can be seen in Italy, Finland, Switzerland, the USA, Japan, Belgium, Iceland and Transylvania with the help of collective exhibitions and art collectors.