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Andrea Vardi

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I graduated with a degree in fine art, have taught art, and spent 15 years as a jeweler, designing and selling fashion jewelry for stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, and also for Vogue Magazine. I attribute my enjoyment of wonderful shapes and surface textures to a lifetime as a crafts person. Due to my consuming love of color, I chose in the last decade to migrate into oil painting so I could have more a range of expression for my color passion.

For the past 15 years I have traveled extensively, particularly in Europe. I love to paint the feeling of the each place... to evoke the colors and shapes of the individual countries and cities, such as the warm ochers and earth tones of at Venice alleyway, or the crisp color of the white stucco buildings of Greece.

Presently I work in both oil and pastels, as well as mixed media, but my goal is always the same: to create an image that has enough interest in it that it keeps the viewer for a long time, and always feels attractive to lure one back to it and enjoy some more.

The paintings have most recently been in shows at the Teeple Hanson Gallery in Iowa.

Location: Fairfield, Iowa