About Art Fifty Two

In today’s fine art market, there are few reliable sources that help artists position themselves for a successful career. At Art Fifty Two, we’re devoted to empowering artists through marketing tools, technology and education.

Our Team

At Art Fifty Two, we’re passionate about serving artists. We believe that the world would be a better place if more artists were able to make a living doing what they do best—creating beautiful works of art for the rest of us to enjoy. Every member of the Art Fifty Two Team is passionate about artwork and devoted to helping artists grow their businesses.

Robert Reeder

Robert Reeder, Co-Founder and Partner

Robert Reeder is an artist who loves business, and a businessman who loves art. As Partner at Make the Works, Inc. and Art Fifty Two, he recognizes that business is an art form and is devoted to offering artists tools to translate their talent into revenue. Read More…

Dale Stephens

Dale Stephens, Co-Founder and Partner

Dale oversees our production lab at Make the Works, and helps drive the Art Fifty Two bandwagon bringing state-of-the-art image reproduction technology to artists. Read More…


They've moved on to other endeavors, but Art Fifty Two wouldn't be what it is today without the work of these fine people.

Milo Winningham

Milo Winningham

Milo has been experimenting with technology of all kinds since he first stuck a knife into an electrical socket as a toddler. He’s a little more productive today, coding Artexpo’s current and upcoming websites. Read More…

Stacy Dalton

Stacy Dalton

Stacy Dalton works, dreams and eats design, hoarding brochures, ads and cereal boxes for inspiration. At Artexpo, she oversees design on everything from email campaigns to office decor. Read More…