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Tony Ellis

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Tony Ellis holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of West England. Following graduation, he traveled extensively and devoted many years to transcendental meditation and the study of eastern philosophy. Through this he gained a deep appreciation of the essential beauty and wisdom of nature. Apart from his work as an artist, he is a freelance writer and editor and a published poet. Recently, he has worked on alternative energy projects in the western United States. In the high deserts of Colorado and California and the back alleys of Los Angeles, he discovered his current series of abstract photographic images which explore the magic and mystery of accidental beauty found in the most mundane of settings.

"One of the most intriguing, creative photographers I've ever encountered. His work is of genius level, in that it explores a new form: miniaturism, that he has seemingly invented. He shoots tiny details from the environment that are color- and composition-worthy. When enlarged to 'picture' sizes, as one finds in any art gallery, the miniatures expand into something formally dramatic and aesthetically amazing. Each work, enlarged, has its own origin -- painted curb, graffiti, industrial materials -- but when seen as formatted, creates a post-Modern abstract expressionism from a fresh and vital source of imagery: the details of the street that go unnoticed by most of us."

Michael J. Miller
Gallery Director
San Francisco

Location: USA