Daniel Sroka

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Daniel Sroka

About the Artist

Daniel's art is guided by his life-long fascination with how we create meaning out of images and words. During college, he studied the relationship among visual symbols, language and metaphor. He continued to explore the connections between ideas and images while working as a graphic designer. As the original creative director of Yahoo!, he helped make a nonsense word become a symbol of the internet around the world. But after years of putting his art aside, he decided it was time to focus on his own dreams. He left the corporate world, and used his knowledge of marketing and the internet to launch his art career.

He now works full-time on his art, creating abstract, dream-like images out of the simple and overlooked elements of nature. His art plays on the edge between abstraction and meaning, causing the viewer to re-experience the most iconic parts of nature and understand them in a new way. In addition to his fine art photography, Daniel also owns and runs a successful online business creating custom fine art wedding prints inspired by his art.

Location: Northern New Jersey